As an administrator on the school portal, you can make configurations to the lesson plan template to be used by teachers in the various class levels. To do this, kindly log in to the school portal as an admin and follow the steps below:

  1. Select the ‘Settings’ option.

  2. click on the ‘Configure Lesson Plan’ option 

  1. On the Configuration section, select the Configure new template option.

  1. Enter a Template name and Select the Level to assign the lesson plan template. (Please note that a template can be set to more than one class level, this is done by selecting more than one level on the select level option)  

P.S: The Default field of the configuration would be filled by the subject teacher when creating a lesson plan.

  1. Input extra fields as applicable using the Lesson Plan Content Fields  

  2. Select the Add Table customization option to customize the lesson plan table.

  1. Add or remove lesson plan table headings and click Apply customization to save changes. 

  1. Click on Save Template to save the lesson plan template created.