If you have made payments directly to school accounts  (via bank transfer, USSD, or POS) without using the SAFSIMS online payment, you can update the record & upload proof of payment(s) which will be sent directly to the school bursary for approval. 

To upload fee evidence of payment, kindly log in as a parent and follow the steps below: 

  1. Select the Fee option at the bottom of your screen.

  1. Click on the Record  Payment option. To record a payment for an individual child(ren), use the Record payment option in the white background.

  1. Fill out the required details (School bank details paid into). Click on the Browse file button to select and upload the evidence of payment from your device (this is optional)

  1. Fill in the amount paid per child to record payment(s) for an individual child(ren), 

  2. Click on the Submit Record option to submit the entry. 

Note: Once approved by the school administrator, a receipt of payment will be recorded on the portal, and a copy will be sent to you.