Typically, class level refers to the particular grade or year level that pupils are enrolled in such as Grade 1, Year 1, or Jss 1. It is an element of the class's full name apart from the class arm. At this stage, we need to name only the class level without including the arm which would be created separately and included at the point of initializing the term. 

To create a class level, kindly Login as an admin and follow the steps below:

1.  Click on Settings at the bottom left.

2. Click on Levels at the right pane.

3. You have the option to create a new level by clicking on the  Create Level button. 

4To select from the already defined templates to make things faster, click on the Create Level with Template option.

5.  From the modal, fill in all the necessary information. 

If the level you create will use the Comment-based result format, Select the Level type as Early Years Level. If the class level you are creating is using the Score-based result format, Select the Normal Level. If the class level is a combination of both, Select the Combined Level.

6. Click on Save.