Schools usually use “Arms” to divide a Class Level into multiple classes to adhere to the standard teacher-to-student ratio. These “arms” are often denoted by letters, or words such as A, B, Gold, etc. When combined with the class level (during term initialization) we get the classes such as; Grade 1A, Grade 1B, or JSS 1A, JSS 1B, etc. 

To create arms appropriate to the school structure, Log into the school portal as an admin and follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Configuration on the bottom left

  1. Click Arms from the right pane

3. Click on Create Arm 

4. Enter the Arm Name in the field provided

5. Click on the Save Arm button 

6.   You can select from our already-defined templates to make things faster by clicking the Use Template button.

7. Select the suitable Arm template and click on the Create Arms button